Scramble Format Rules

Format: Scramble: Each team member hits every shot. The team members then decide which shot they prefer and hit from that location. This procedure is repeated until the ball holed out.

Preferred Lies: There is a preferred lie available within one club length of the selected shot no nearer the hole. If the selected shot is played from a hazard, sand bunker, rough, fairway or fringe of green, the ball must be placed one club length of that location no nearer the hole but must remain in the same condition as the orig-inal selected shot.

Putting: When putting, the ball must be placed within two inches of the selected putt no nearer the hole. Teams should not make tap-ins until all team members have had the chance to putt. Once the ball is holed out, no further strikes are permitted.

Tee Markers:

Men - White Tees

Ladies - Red Tees

If a tie occurs, then there will be a matching of the score cards starting with the #1 HANDICAP hole.